Vehicle Shipped August 2014

Hi Christina,

My experience with MVS was mostly a positive one. The shipment took about as long as they had told me it would, the people I personally interacted with (the lady where I dropped off the car, and the truck driver who I picked the car up from) were both phenomenal. SO polite, and nice, and willing to help.

My only negative feedback that I would give, would be that I found it frustrating not knowing where my car was. When I first signed up, I was told I would be informed when the car would be shipped, when the car would arrive to Toronto, and when the car would be shipped from there on a truck. I didn’t receive any of those notifications unless I e-mailed asking about them. When I got my car, the driver told me he had left the day before… He didn’t know that MVS had told me the car had left Toronto about five days before. I understand you’re busy, so perhaps one thing that would greatly benefit your company would be a tracking system, where clients can get a number and can search online for the location of their vehicles (not unlike a system mail would use). This would eliminate the persisting e-mails and calls you would get, and it would allow us to get an accurate idea of where our car is.

I hope this helps, and again, it was mostly all positive and I would use this company again.

Manuela Mora