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The cost for shipping can depend on many factors including the distance traveled, vehicle size, terminal or door pickups, truck or rail shipping, enclosed or open shipping.

Generally the least expensive way to ship your vehicle is if you drop it off and pickup at our terminals in a major city. For example, if you want to ship from Kitchener ON to Canmore AB, your best option would be to drop off the vehicle to our terminal in the Greater Toronto Area and pickup your vehicle at the Calgary terminal.

What is a VIN?

A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is not the license plate number. It is a series of letters and numbers that can be found on your insurance papers and vehicle registration. Newer vehicles have a 17 digit VIN but older models may have a shorter VIN.

Here is an example VIN: 1C3ADEBZXEV177882 (example only, do not use)

Will my vehicle be transported by Truck Or Train?

Depending on your origin and destination, your vehicle can be transported by truck, rail or both modes. If shipped by rail, your vehicle will be loaded into a car carrier rail-car. These rail-cars have either 2 or 3 levels and hold upwards of 15 vehicles.

If your vehicle is moved by transport truck it will be a similar truck to the ones that you see at your local auto dealership. Keep in mind that these trucks are very large and sometimes will not be able to drop your vehicle off at your home address so an alternative drop off location may be arranged by MVS Canada. Both methods are used extensively for transporting vehicles and each method has its own pros and cons.

Can I put personal items inside my car?

Generally these are the rules as it will depend on the mode of transportation:

Shipped by Train/Rail – You can’t have any personal items inside your vehicle other then tires and baby seats

Shipped by Truck – You may be allowed to have up to 150 lbs of items inside of your vehicle. No personal items in the front passenger seat. Items in the back seat and in any open trunks (SUV’s and Station Wagons) items must not be packed above the bottom of the windows. Personal items shipped at your own risk and are not insured.

In some cases we may not be able to accommodate personal items due to restrictions with our trucking agents. Please check with us to confirm if items will be allowed for your shipment.

How long will it take to ship my vehicle?

The length of time that your vehicle takes to arrive at its destination can depend on the distance of the move, how early you book your shipment in advance, and the time of year your shipping. For example, shipping from Toronto to Calgary takes approx 4-6 days for arrival once your vehicle is loaded on the truck but we recommend booking at least 1-2 weeks in advance as there could be a waiting period before we have an available spot for your vehicle.

MVS Canada strives to provide superior customer service and in doing so these “Times to Delivery” are based on our knowledge of the industry and previous deliveries. Please be aware that the time to delivery that we quote is only an approximate and MVS Canada do not guarantee these shipping times. Please check with us before shipping as shipping times can vary week to week.

For more information please check out our page on transit times and shipping schedules.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the auto transport industry. MVS Canada is a company who you can trust and depend on. We are a member of BBB and the Halifax Chamber of Commerce.


What’s the difference between “Terminal to Terminal” and “Door to Door” options:

Terminal to Terminal is the least expensive method of car shipping as your vehicle. You will have to drop off and pickup your vehicle at a Terminal in the origin and destination cities. In smaller cities and towns where we don’t have a main terminal you will have to meet the truck at a location that can easily be accessible, such as a truck stop or a dealership.

For Door to Door, we can arrange pickup of your vehicle at your door by one of our smaller transport trucks, such as a flatbed tow truck. Your vehicle will then be transported directly to a Terminal or to a Towing Yard so that it can be loaded onto a Rail-car or a larger transport truck. We will need at least 3-5 days notice to arrange door pickups.

If you require this service please let us know at time of quoting or booking your shipment so we can include this service in the price.

How many days in advance should I book my order?

We recommend that you book about a week or two before you want to ship your vehicle. We have seen an increase in shipments over the past few years and by booking early it will allow us to reserve a spot on the truck/train for around the time you want to drop it. You can certainly book and drop your vehicle off today but keep in mind that it may not be shipped right away. Chances are the next few shipments are already booked up and it could wait at the terminal for more than a week.

Storage fees for the time your vehicle sits at one of our main terminals usually don’t apply, but make sure you check with us before you drop off. Some of the terminals we use in smaller cities are actually owned by towing companies and they may charge a small daily fee.

Where are the shipping terminals located?

We have many terminals located across Canada and in most major cities we can have multiple terminals that we use. The exact location can depend on when you ship your vehicle, the mode used and your final destination.  Normally we can give you an approx terminal location that we will need you to take your vehicle to but we won’t be able to confirm until your booking is placed and confirm with the dispatchers. Click here for the approximate locations of the Terminals across Canada.

How can I save money shipping my vehicle?

Terminal to Terminal shipping is an option, as well as shipping your vehicle from one of the major cities in your Province. For example, if you live in Hamilton, Ontario and you want to ship your car to Vancouver,  you can choose to drop off your vehicle at our Terminal in Toronto. This will save you the cost of moving the vehicle from Hamilton to Toronto with one of our trucks.

Also if you are shipping large quantities of vehicles, 5 or more at one time, then discounts may be given. Please contact us for further information on volume discounts.

How do I prepare my vehicle for shipping?

  • Make sure the vehicle is clean both inside and outside.
  • Gas tank must be at least 1/4 full.
  • Both e-brake and foot brake must be in working condition.
  • Vehicle must contain no personal items unless authorized. Spare tire and jack are allowed.
  • Insurance must be on your vehicle.

How do I pay for shipping?

Credit Card – MVS Canada accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express by Phone and Fax. These services are provided by our partner Elavon.

Elavon Merchant Services provides thousands of businesses in Canada, convenient and secure payment options.

Direct Deposit – At any Bank of Montreal, you can make a direct payment.

Email/Wire Transfer – Please contact our office for more information.

Certified Cheque – Please contact our office for more information.

More Information on Payment Options

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