How To Take Photos Of Your Vehicle Before Shipping

Please follow the steps below when taking photos of your vehicle before shipping:

  1. Make sure your phones camera resolution setting is set to the highest setting. This will ensure that we can see any preexisting scratches, nicks, and dents on your vehicle. If you have an Android phone you can click here to find out how to do this, and for iPhone users click here.
  1. Take the photos of your vehicle when you drop off at the shipping terminal. If you have door pickup, take the photos when your vehicle is being picked up.
  2. We need as many pictures as possible. In the diagram below, we show you which spots on your vehicles exterior are important to take pictures of.
  1. Please send us the photos of your vehicle by uploading them through our photo upload form. You can find the upload form by logging in to your tracking page and clicking the button that says “Upload Photos”.


At Least 3000×2000

Use a camera that has a minimum resolution of 3000×2000 pixels. This is equivalent to a 6MP camera.

When you send us your photos, send them at the original size; do not reduce the file size or crop the photo to a smaller resolution.


Six Feet

Take photos of your vehicle from a maximum distance of six feet (6’), this ensures any damages can be seen clearly.

If you see any pre-existing damage, be sure to get a close-up picture of it to document the damage in detail.

Number of Photos


Take a minimum of twenty-four (24) photos of your vehicle when you hand over your vehicle to the terminal attendant, door pickup service, or truck driver. Twenty-four photos has been determined to be the number of photos that is required to capture the entirety of your vehicle.

Taking Photos Of Your Vehicle

When handing your vehicle to your carrier at a terminal, a contact at a commercial location, or a truck driver, walk around your vehicle in a clockwise direction beginning at the front of your vehicle and take photos as you go.

The goal is to capture photos of every external surface of your vehicle for your personal record.

*If you notice any pre-existing damage, be sure to get a close up shot of the damage.

Please take the following photos

  1. Full front bumper at a low angle
  2. Front bumper passenger side
  3. Front passenger side quarter panel
  4. Front passenger door bottom
  5. Front passenger door top
  6. Rear passenger door bottom
  7. Rear passenger door top
  8. Full passenger side
  9. Passenger side rear quarter panel
  10. Passenger side rear bumper corner
  11. Full rear bumper
  12. Rear trunk & windshield
  1. Drivers side bumper corner
  2. Driver side rear quarter panel
  3. Rear driver side door bottom
  4. Rear driver side door top
  5. Front driver side door bottom
  6. Front driver side door top
  7. Full driver side
  8. Driver side front quarter panel
  9. Front driver side bumper corner
  10. Full Hood
  11. Front windshield
  12. Full Roof