Damage Claim Information

Condition Reports, Photos, and Damages — Important things to know when shipping your vehicle.

Step 1: Pre-Shipping

Take photos of the vehicle when you drop it off at the terminal, commercial location, place where you meet the truck driver, or when the vehicle is picked up at a residence. Please send us the photos of the vehicle by uploading them through our photo upload form on your tracking page.


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Any claim that is filed must have pre-shipping photos submitted to MVS. These photos must be taken at the time and location that the shipment begins. Please do not take photos at your home unless you have a door pick-up. Failure to do so will result in the claim being immediately denied.

Step 2: Receiving Your Vehicle

When you receive your vehicle, check it over for damages.

If there’s any new damages, show someone at the terminal or the person who delivered the vehicle then note it on the paperwork and take photos before taking possession of the vehicle or driving it away from the terminal.

Step 3: Submit A Claim

Immediately after noting the damage on the vehicle, email MVS Canada with the photos and the details of the type of damage and its location(s) on the vehicle.

Please be advised that there is a $750 deductible* on all claims as stipulated in our terms and conditions. Therefore all claims must be over $750.

* For vehicles that are eligible for insurance, we offer a Buy-Down program that would eliminate the deductible entirely; the cost for this is $50.

Depending on the mode of transport, some types of damages may not be covered by insurance. The terms and conditions that you were sent when you booked your order has all the details on what is and isn’t covered. If you need any clarification please email or call us.


Truck/Train T&C

Enclosed Truck T&C

Step 4: Claim Investigation and Results

Once we receive your email with the photos and details regarding the damage to your vehicle, we will investigate your claim further and get back to you as soon as possible with a result.

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance & Damage Claims

These are the most common questions that come up in regards to damage claims. If you can’t find what you are looking for below, please refer to the Terms and Conditions document for further documentation of the damage claim procedure.

How often do vehicles get damaged while in transit?

Not very often. We keep track of all damage claims and based on 10 years of historical data, the risk of damage happening on a vehicle is about 0.35%, or 1 out of every 300 shipments. The mode of transport can factor in as well, as vehicles shipped by rail are less likely to be damaged due to the enclosed nature of the rail shipping.

Legitimate Claims vs. Total Orders All Claims vs. All Orders
Legitimate Paid Out Claims 14 Total Claims Made (including legitimate, not covered, or fraudulent) 79
% of Total Orders 0.30% % of Total Orders 1.69%

The above statistics are gathered from orders completed in 2022.

Do I need my own insurance on the vehicle if it’s already covered by carrier insurance?

Yes, we recommend you have the vehicle insured as not everything is covered by carrier insurance (expanded below).

Is there a deductible involved when filing a damage claim?

Yes, a $750 deductible will be applied to any claim filed.

Why do I need to take photos of my vehicle at drop off and how does this affect any potential damage claim?

We require at least 24 high quality photos at the time of vehicle drop off. This is to document the condition of the vehicle prior to transport. If we can’t prove the condition of the vehicle at the time of shipping, a claim may not hold up. Unfortunately, if no photos were uploaded at the time of loading, we cannot guarantee that the damage reported occurred in transit. Claims filed without photos taken at drop-off will be immediately denied.

Is my windshield covered?*

Auto glass chipping or breaking is not covered under carrier insurance. Glass can become damaged for various reasons out of our control. As vehicles are exposed to the elements during transport, these factors can cause glass damage:

  • Rocks and road debris
  • Weather conditions and temperature changes
  • Faulty installation
  • Prior condition and pre-existing damage
  • Movement and vibration of the vehicle on the trailer or in the railcar

If my vehicle is shipped by train, is it covered for damage while inside and outside the railcar?

If your car is newer than 7 years, your car will be covered for carrier-caused damage. Cars older than 7 years are only insurable to total loss. Because older vehicles will tend to have general wear and tear already apparent prior to shipping, our ability to insure them to full value is not possible. The rail company will provide coverage for when the vehicle is in transit, meaning when it is being loaded, inside the railcar, and being offloaded. It will not provide coverage for vehicles that are sitting outside a terminal waiting for loading or waiting to be picked up.

I found a scratch on my car that appears to have been caused by a rock—is this covered?*

Rock chips, scratches and other small dents caused by road debris are not insurable, and can’t be claimed as damage. Unfortunately, as vehicles are exposed to the elements during transport, rocks and road debris can sometimes cause minor damage during transport beyond reasonable control of MVS Canada or the driver of the transport vehicle. These can happen any time of year and are mostly caused by loose stones or gravel being elevated from the roadway by a passing vehicle.

My car sounds funny after I shipped it, something inside the engine may have been damaged.

As an industry standard, MVS Canada and our carrier partners do not mechanically inspect vehicles prior to the shipping process. Inspections are only of the vehicle’s exterior. Internal components and mechanical functions (such as brakes) are not covered during the shipping process.

I think there might be damage underneath the vehicle that was caused while in transit.

Similar to mechanical functions, since there is no inspection of the underside of vehicles prior to shipment, the underside is not covered under the carrier’s insurance.

An item inside my vehicle went missing during transit. Can I claim it?

Any items shipped inside vehicles are done so at your own risk, and cannot be covered under carrier insurance. MVS Canada is not liable for loss or damage to said personal items.

I have been approved to take personal items—what can I take? Can I claim any losses if there is damage or something goes missing?

The following items are strictly prohibited from being in the vehicle at the time of shipping; guns, ammunition, flammable products, explosives, narcotics, alcohol, jewelry, precious metals, furs, money, pets, plants and contraband. The shipper (the customer) agrees that the carrier may confiscate and/or dispose of said items with no remuneration and the appropriate Government authorities will be contacted. MVS Canada and its carriers are not liable for loss or damage to said personal items.

My car suffered hail damage while it was on your truck, can I claim this?

Any weather related events or events deemed ‘An act of God’ are not covered under carrier insurance. This would hold true in the event of flooding, storms, etc.

My car was dead on arrival and I had to call someone for a jump. Can I be compensated for this?

No. It’s important to check the health of your car’s battery before shipping, as it will be sitting for a long period of time on a truck, train or at a terminal.

There seem to be many exceptions. What kind of damage is actually covered by the carrier’s insurance?

Damage that is deemed to be the result of driver negligence, or essentially any damage that could have been avoided, would be deemed legitimate. Some examples would be a driver backing into your vehicle while in the yard, a ramp being mistakenly lowered onto the roof of your vehicle, or a strap that wasn’t sufficiently tightened and allowed the vehicle to move while in transit, causing damage.

I have a legitimate claim. How do I proceed and what are the next steps?

You need to contact MVS in writing stating that there is damage to your vehicle. We also require high resolution photos of the damage. If the damage is legitimate, a claim will be opened by the MVS claims manager. Once the reports are collected and the damage verified, the claims manager will direct you to obtain damage estimates. Once these have been submitted and reviewed, you will be given instruction on who to book your vehicle with.

I have a legitimate claim and my car will be going in for repairs which could take multiple days. Will I be provided with a rental car or rental compensation?

No. Claims cover damage to the vehicle only. We do not issue compensation for rental vehicles during this time.

Why am I being asked to obtain multiple estimates? Why are the estimates I provided being challenged?

To ensure a fair and equitable process on a legitimate claim, you will be asked to obtain multiple estimates. This is to ensure fairness and to confirm that the garage conducting the repair is not elevating prices or attempting to gouge anyone involved. The carrier paying for the repair has the right to refuse an estimate and request an estimate be completed elsewhere if they feel the one provided is unjust.

How long does a claim take from start to finish?

The claims manager will open a file and request reports from all carriers and drivers involved. This can sometimes take weeks to acquire all reports, review and confirm damage, and have you (the customer) obtain damage estimates. From start to finish, some claims can even take months to resolve, depending on the nature of the damage and which carriers are involved.

The following exceptions are for open and rail transport methods. If you are shipping with our enclosed truck option, some items listed below may be covered under the enclosed shipping policy.

For a detailed overview of the enclosed truck option’s coverage, please see our Enclosed Terms & Conditions.

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