Insurance and Licensing Information

Insurance and Licensing Information


All of our car shipping carriers have commercial insurance underwritten by companies including, but not limited to, Aviva, Jevco, Northbridge and Royal. These insurance policies include General Commercial Liability, Automotive Liability and Cargo Insurance that can range in coverage between 1 and 3 million dollars. For specific information regarding what damage is covered when you ship your vehicle, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Safety Certificates

All Commercial Carriers including Car Transporters operating within Canada, are legally required to be registered in the province they are based in for the Commercial Carrier Registration Program. This is in compliance with the National Safety Code (NSC). This code is made up of 16 minimum standards that assists commercial carriers and drivers to remain in compliance with local, national and international rules for owning and operating commercial vehicles.

Coverage for your vehicle

Your vehicle will be insured while its being shipped. Restrictions do apply on what is covered and that can depend on the age of your vehicle, its value and the mode of shipping that you have chosen.  Insurance is always included in the quote you received and can’t be removed to lower the cost. For information on what is covered please see the terms and conditions at the bottom of the booking form, or by following the links below.

Getting your vehicle repaired if its damaged during shipping

For more information on the damage claim policies and procedures please click here.

Workmans Compensation

Many of our carriers are registered with Workmans Compensation Board. The requirements and regulations for WCB vary from province to province.

Registrations and Permits

Depending on the province and service area, additional registration may be held by the car transporter including Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR), International Registration Plan (IRP), MC, MTO, and USDOT registration. Permits for oversized commercial trucks and trailers are also required in most provinces.

CBSA Bonded

Bonded highway car carriers are permitted to transport in-bond vehicles beyond the first point of arrival in Canada (CBSA office or Bonded Warehouse) and between points in Canada. Unless your vehicle is being imported into Canada, a bonded carrier isn’t required.

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