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For information on shipping times please select your province of origin and destination from the dropdowns. If you are shipping within your province, please select your province as both origin and destination. Transit times are best estimates and therefore are not guaranteed.



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Transit times are estimates based on transporting by truck and/or train between main terminals in the larger cities of each corresponding province.

Historical Wait Times and Transit Times

We keep track of the wait and transit times of previous shipments and use that data to give accurate delivery estimates for future orders.

Here’s some of the wait times and transit times from other shipments that occurred in the past 30 days for the most popular shipping routes.

Last updated February 9, 2021

Transit Mode Average Wait Average Transit
Calgary/Edmonton, AB to Caledon, ON Open truck 7 days 5.5 days
Calgary, AB to Scarborough, ON Enclosed Train 7 days 7 days
Caledon, ON to Calgary/Edmonton, AB Open Truck 7 days 5 days
Caledon, ON to Moncton, NB/Halifax, NS Open Truck 5 days 2.5 days
Delta, BC to Scarborough, ON Enclosed Train 6 days 10.5 days
Scarborough, ON to Delta, BC Enclosed Train 5 days 10 days
Scarborough, ON to Calgary, AB Enclosed Train 8.5 days 7 days

*All times are averages based on data from recent shipments. Wait times and transit times are not guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Times

How long does it take to ship my car?

The data above shows the approximate wait times and transit times for shipping a car within Canada. Departures are usually not on fixed days as they can depend on volume of vehicles already booked and ones already at the terminals assigned to a load. If you are shipping by enclosed transport trailer these transit times may not apply.

It is recommended to book at least 1-2 weeks in advance. Booking in advance can help decrease transit times but normally you’re vehicle will be placed in queue to ship once it is at the terminal.

To use this section, first select the Province/Region you’re shipping from, then select the destination province in the second dropdown, and click search. Keep in mind that your vehicle may not be shipped directly to its destination and could ship through multiple terminals in different regions. Direct shipments are available but can be very costly.


If you’re shipping a car from Newfoundland to Northwest Territories:

A shipment of this length would go through multiple regions within Canada:











The cities it may be delivered to and wait for the next leg of the journey:


St. John’s









What does “Within-Region” mean?

  • If you have a short shipment within a province or region these wait times and transit times will apply.
  • If you’re shipping to a smaller city or town that is not a major terminal these wait/transit times may apply.
    • For example, if you’re shipping to Fort McMurray from Ontario your vehicle could be shipped to a major terminal in Calgary or Edmonton then shipped north on a truck to Fort McMurray.

What does “Shipping Time” mean?

Shipping Time is made up of two factors: wait time and transit time.

  • The wait time is how long your vehicle will wait to depart on the truck/train once it is dropped off at a terminal.
  • The transit time is how long your vehicle will take to arrive to the next terminal once it has departed.

Will my car be shipped on more than one truck?

For shorter moves it won’t be, but for longer shipments it will be on multiple trucks/trains before it’s delivered. Canada is the second largest country in the world and to ship a car directly in one shipment across the entire country would be very expensive. It is the most economical/inexpensive way to ship your vehicle when it’s transferred between multiple trucks/trains between major cities.

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