Vehicle Shipped October 2012

Good to hear from you Christina. Hope all’s well with you.

The service was good and the exchange of emails was very assuring for us being first-time users of MVS Canada. Also, you were very prompt in responding to our questions and allaying our concerns. The pick-up of the vehicle by our daughter Judith at Halifax was also good. However, with regards to the location (yard) for vehicle drop-off my husband Wilfred and a colleague of his mentioned that the location literally looked like a junkyard. Wilfred was worried whether that is the right location to drop off our vehicle because there were no signs posted and the address was not specific. They had to ask neighbours about the premises. Also, the key drop box was unsightly – I think I mentioned that to you after Wilfred dropped off the vehicle that day.

Well, thank you for arranging the shipment.

Have a nice day.