Vehicle Shipped April 2012


I just wanted to email you and let you know how I feel about you and your team.

After the service I received from another company I was feeling frustrated and distraught. When one purchases a car unseen, except in photos you can imagine the worries. Will it be everything they said it is, etc. the other company made promise after promise on delivery times and couldn’t seem to understand why I was stressed when they fell through on every promise, they certainly had no empathy for my situation and were rude and impatient with me on several occasions. And, ultimately they left the full charge on our Visa so we have had to ask Visa to remove it. Since they didn’t deliver the car and, unlike your company, they did not send me a contract, they will not have a leg to stand on. Seems they want to get paid for torturing me:) I can laugh now.

Your team was honest and set appropriate expectations, I was told right from the beginning that anything could happen to delay delivery. You were extremely kind and empathetic to my situation. And, in the end you had your driver (who, by the way, could not have been nicer! He did not complain once about having to stop and get my car unloaded in Truro, he was top-knotch!) meet us in Truro so we didn’t have to drive into the city. You met all of my expectations and came through with the car within one week. Aside from the service, it is really your kindness and warmth that made the difference for me. Empathy and understanding the customer’s point of view goes a long way and you have it! You are a true asset to the company.

I thank you and please thank the others for me. I would highly recommend you to anyone without hesitation.

Take care,