Vehicle Shipped January 2012

Hi Christina:

Thanks for following up. We returned from Edmonton late last week and I have been meaning to get back to you.

In a word, I think our experience can best be summarized as “wonderful”, thanks to you guiding us through the process and then performing as promised.

This was our first experience with such an undertaking and we were a little nervous but found it very professional and reliable. We were concerned at first with the initial delay (due to circumstances beyond your control) but you had kept us informed on the status and then confirmed prior to our Edmonton arrival that the car had arrived safe and sound. The pickup in Edmonton went smoothly and everyone involved was very pleasant to deal with.

We had looked at a couple of other companies initially from our internet search that were slightly less cost but MVS responded to our inquiry very professionally with a written quote and the forms for us to proceed giving us confidence in a (Canadian) company we knew very little about. Another company also required an address for them to deliver the car and our circumstances were such that it was only convenient for us to pick it up once we had arrived.

The one minor negative was perhaps that we had to drop off the car so early in Milton only to have it sit for awhile in Edmonton and it would have been convenient if we could have dropped it off later so we could have had use if it here for longer. However, we understood that transports wouldn’t be leaving daily for Edmonton and the timing coincided with the holiday season so that the most important aspect was that it was there when we needed it.

We will be sure to recommend your services to anyone who may be in need of them.

Thanks again.