Vehicle Shipped October 2014

I recently shipped my car from Edmonton, Alberta to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I had a fantastic experience with MVS. I dealt with Christina Graves who was very helpful and answered all of my e-mails or phone calls promptly and efficiently. I received a quote of $2075 and when I asked what additional costs there would be to store my belongings in my vehicle there were none! I dropped my car off in Edmonton and the location was easy to find. Then picked it up at the lot it arrived at in Dartmouth, which caused no problems either. I am from Newfoundland but did not have my vehicle shipped there because it was much cheaper to fly to Nova Scotia and drive the car back from there.

The customer service from MVS was great. I was very happy with how smooth the move was and there were no issues to my vehicle or belongings. It also did not take too long for my car to get that distance… approximately two weeks, which I expected. Great job Christina and team at MVS!

Thank you for your service. It really made this an easy process for me and a great first experience with your company… I will be recommending MVS to all of my friends and family.

Heather Picco