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I was agonizing about how I would get my late wife’s car out to my daughter in Ontario. As a new doctor, she needed a better car to get around in the snow and I didn’t need it here in Vancouver. The prospect of spending a week driving across Canada in January, probably by myself, was not appealing. Out of curiosity I did a web search on shipping a car in Canada.

MVS Canada had a site where I easily filled in the details of the car and where I was shipping from and to. The next morning I received a quote.

I was amazed at the price. The total cost of the hotels, gas, meals and the flight back would be far more than what they were quoting me. Plus I wouldn’t have to worry about driving on Canadian highways in the winter.

I made the booking by email and paid by electronic payment. Simple.

I drove out to the shipper here in Vancouver and dropped off the keys. Simple.

Ten days later I got an email saying the car was off loaded and ready for pick up in Toronto. My daughter went out, showed her ID and picked up the car. Simple.

The car was in great shape. I couldn’t have asked for a simpler, more efficient and worry free way of getting a car across Canada. MVS Canada staff were very responsive to emails and great to deal with.