Vehicle Shipped June 2012

Hello Christine, It will be my pleasure to recommend MVS Canada
Vehicle Shipping services to any one, who needs a reliable,
affordable, and super customer services auto shipping company.

I needed my 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser in Calgary, but I was afraid my
car could not run those 1000km to Calgary from Vancouver. So, after
some research I found MVS Canada Vehicle Shipping . From the moment I
spoke to Christine Graves over the phone, I had a good feeling. Very
friendly and pleasant person to talk to and informative. Then, the
price was reasonable $700 + $21 for using a credit card. That covered
transportation, insurance, and the promise that it would take between
5 to 10 business days to have my car in Calgary.

I brought my car to the terminal in Richmond, BC on Friday July 6,
2012 as Christine told me to do so. The following Tuesday, July 10th ,
Christine called me and informed me that my car was going to be in
Calgary by Friday afternoon. However, the next day on Wednesday July
11th, Christine phoned again to tell me my car was in Calgary and
ready to be picked up. I went to the Calgary terminal and a very nice
man named Bernie had my car ready and running with the air
conditioning on so It was cool by the time I got there. It was very
thoughtful Bernie!

It took only 3 bussines days to get my car in Calgary. When I saw my
car, it look the same way as it was when I left it at the Richmond
terminal. It was not dusty or dirty as I thought it was going to be
after a 14 hours trip.

I recommend MVS Canada Vehicle Shipping services highly, it provides
excellent service at a reasonable price. My special consideration and
thanks to Christine Graves for her super customer service, and to
Bernie for his thoughtfulness. Excellent service guys and thanks once
again. Cheers!