Vehicle Shipped October 2014

Hi Christine

we were very satisfied with the whole process, it was very user friendly and the price was more than fair. Dealing with you the broker was a pleasure and your advice to get it to the shipper early assured us that our car would arrive on time.

Once we dropped it off at the shipper , it was only a matter of 3 days before the car was enroute.

The car arrived in the same condition in which I delivered it.

I was happy to be able to put my ski carrier in the car, that was the clincher in selecting you as other brokers would not allow that. It makes me kind of wonder if that rule has a little bit of flexibility that could be changed to better serve the customer.

The only area that I can see for improvement would be in the pick up. Their hours of operation were limited, 8 am to 3:45, closed on week ends. As a result, my son who was picking it up for me had to leave work early in order to pick it up

Other than that we are totally satisfied.

Thank You,

John Marshall