Shipping a vehicle, as apposed to driving can save you valuable time and money. A long road trip can have many implications, many of which can be avoided when you ship a vehicle. Here are some things to think about next time you need to move your car.

1. Shipping your car can save you money! A road trip, especially a long haul, can get expensive very quickly. High gas prices are the obvious expense but when food, accommodations, meals and time off work are considered, driving your vehicle can get very expensive.

2. Mileage depreciates your vehicle! Driving your vehicle long distances can quickly add to your odometer. This unnecessary mileage is detrimental to your vehicles resale price. Depreciation aside, driving your vehicle long distances puts stress on the drive train.

3. Car shipping is more environmentally friendly! One car hauler carrying a full load of vehicles emits less carbon monoxide than if all the vehicles travelled separately.

4. Shipping with MVS is the stress free way to move your vehicle! Shipping your vehicle with MVS provides you with peace of mind that your vehicle will arrive safe and on time. You will not have to worry about making arrangements, driving long hours and finding a way back home. Call MVS today to find out other ways our services can make your car shipping experience stress free.