Vehicle Shipped August 2012

Hi Christina,

Overall we were happy with the service we got from MVS.

Your partner in Ottawa that took possession of the cars for us before
they were trucked to Toronto was a first rate gentlemen.

He drove my wife and I home after we dropped off the cars and saved us
a cab ride.

The vehicles were in good shape when they arrived, no scratches or
dings. We met another family at our daughter’s
school who had their vehicles shipped out with another company and
they both arrived scratched and stone chipped.

We were properly informed and advised by the people at the Delta yards
about the need to wash off the metallic dust
that forms on the cars after a long train ride. This stuff is
persistent and hard to get off but we were careful and no harm was

Our only complaint was the long unload time when the trains arrived in
Delta just before the August long weekend. The
delays in getting the train unloaded added an extra week to the time
we were without our vehicles.

The team in Delta that met us and gave us our keys was very nice.

Overall, a positive experience.