Vehicle Shipped February 2012

I recently got a new job in Vancouver and was left with the predicament of how to get my 2008 Rav4 Sport from Montreal to Vancouver. A quick internet search provided numerous car moving companies but I really had no idea where to start. I got quotes from about 10 different companies, and spoke with about 5 and ultimately, my decision was based on ‘feel’ for the company. Everybody loves their car, and doesn’t want anything to happen to it! Even though MVS was not the cheapest price quoted, the friendly customer service I received from Christina Graves was outstanding. Anytime I called she is there to answer in real time and personally and provided me with quotes, updates while my car was in transit, and delivery instructions. My car was shipped via Truck (because I wanted to ship personal items along with it) and I was astounded that it was delivered to Vancouver on March 2nd 2012 when and I left it with MVS on Feb. 22! That is 9 days to ship by Truck across the Country by Truck! Impressive I must say.

Anyway, I picked my car up from the Vancouver truck yard. It was a little dirty (obviously it was just shipped on a truck from Montreal) but I gave it a quick wash and she was good as new. Also, the Art work I had packed inside it, along with some clothes, my TV and electronics were all safe and untouched.