How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car from Ontario to BC?

Apr 4, 2023

The cost to ship a car from Ontario to BC can depend on a few different factors. In this short article, we’re going to give the estimated costs of shipping a vehicle between the provinces of Ontario and BC and how to get the best price for car shipping.

The cheapest option is to ship from Toronto to Vancouver by Rail. You would need to drop off your vehicle at the rail terminal in Ontario and pickup in BC, (Scarborough and Delta). This will be one of the lowest cost car shipping options on moving your vehicle. The price can range from $1800 to $2200 CAD (as of April 2023).

Toronto and Vancouver are the largest cities in each province and a lot of vehicles move between these locations solely because of their large populations.

Enclosed Autorak railcar designed for transporting vehicles.

If you can’t get your vehicle to the Scarborough terminal or pickup at the Delta terminal, and we need to pickup or deliver it to another city or town in each province, it will add anywhere from a few hundred dollars more to over $1000 for the more remote delivery locations. Your vehicle would be picked up and delivered to the rail terminal from the location in Ontario and BC. It would either be picked up with a transport truck or driven with a driving service. This service costs more and will also add to the overall transit time.

Professional driving service that may be used in certain cities to drive vehicles to/from terminals.

Open Truck with car carrier trailer capable of holding 7-10 vehicles.

The enclosed car shipping mode is one of the more expensive options for shipping from Ontario to BC. It provides the best insurance, best protection and it’s usually from door to door. If you have a high valued vehicle, sports car, antique, exotic or supercar, then this option is your best option.

Enclosed Trailer designed for high-value and antique vehicles.

One last thing to keep in mind, the size of your vehicle will have an effect on the cost of shipping. A car will cost much less than a large 1 Ton truck. The dimensions and weight of a vehicle matter when determining the overall cost of shipping.

See below for a table of the estimated cost to move a car from Ontario to BC. If you need an accurate quote, please request a quote from us here

Estimated cost to ship a car from Ontario to BC (as of April 2023)
From Toronto to Vancouver Terminal to Terminal by Rail $1800 to $2200 CAD
Between other cities/towns Dealership / Meet the truck / Door delivery options by both Truck and Rail $2000 to $3300 CAD
Greater Toronto Area to Vancouver Door to Door by Enclosed Truck $4050 to $6000 CAD

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