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Covid19 Update

Mar 17, 2020

Update: March 17, 2020

This update is to address any questions and concerns regarding the Covid19 virus and its impact on the vehicle transportation supply chain. No significant delays have been reported for our vehicle shipments across Canada. Some of the terminals have limited their drop/pickup hours, and we will notify any current customers who are affected by this.

To help keep everyone safe, we recommend taking the following precautions when handing over your vehicle or picking it up:

  • Wipe down with a disinfectant cloth; the steering wheel, drivers door latch and handles, gear selector, dash and keys.
  • If you are sick or experiencing any of the Covid19 symptoms, please make arrangements to have someone else drop-off/pickup your vehicle.

As this is an ongoing situation, we will keep this post updated with any new developments.

Thank You
MVS Canada Logistics