Vehicle Shipped October 2014

Hi Christina,

The overall process with shipping my car was fairly painless and positive. The things that were slighlty difficult:

1. Difficulty being able to confirm if my car would be okay to ship – as in, I wasn’t really clear if my load in my car was too much and that I just had to wait for the driver to decide versus knowing for sure that my car would go.
2. Upon delivery, I was contacted for a 5:00pm pick up and I arrived at 4:45, then I received a call around 5pm stating the person was coming late. I think the Calgary person could let me know sooner her ETA, then I wouldn’t have had to leave work early.

Other than those things, it was fine. The car kind of had a weird smell inside – I’m not sure if the driver is a smoker or not, but otherwise the car is good.

I also thought your customer service was excellent – you were very good to talk to.