Vehicle Shipped June 2015

Hi Christina,

All in all the service was good – communication was great and you were very responsive and quick to answer any inquiries that I had. Pricing was fair compared to other competitors and there were no hidden costs. The only thing that could have been improved was probably the time frame…. When I dropped off my car on a Wednesday evening I believe they told me it would arrive by the following Monday – it did not. It came about 3 weeks+ later and if it wasn’t for me reaching out and inquiring about the status of my car I’m not sure if anyone would have let me know it was still on the way. I suggest in the future that if delays were to happen again to just keep the customer updated ad informed so they don’t have to worry on whether or not their car made it. Other than that I’m overall happy with the result – car was in good condition when it arrived and so were the items in the car. Thanks a lot

Janice Lee