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MVS Earned My Trust

Like most educated consumers, I called around to a few car shipping companies and requested for quotes and questioned their shipping practices / procedures. When I called MVS, the two individuals that I had spoken with were very knowledgeable and understanding of my concerns & needs. Shipping a brand new 2016 SUV that just left the lot two days prior, from one end of Canada to the other can cause any caring owner to be nervous of who ships their vehicle. I believe everyone deserves a fair chance. A smart choice should not be just based on who gives the lowest price or how nice they are on the phone but by what ‘makes-sense’ to the consumer. After a few hours of research, MVS has a proven record of reliability and dependability with strong company beliefs. Factoring in a good price plus professional communication throughout the process, this to me makes sense.

I was able to know when and where my vehicle was at all times. With contracted agents on the ground, ready to pickup and schedule a pick-up time on demand. Based on the other shipping companies that I searched, others did not match this level of criteria, MVS was able to earn my trust. In the near future, I will be contacting them again to ship another vehicle. I strongly recommend MVS to anyone needing vehicle shipping services. 

Thank You MVS,
Jack M.