Calgary Car Shipping

calgary car shipping

MVS Canada is a professional car shipping company that provides Car Shipping services throughout Canada and the United States.

If you’re looking to ship your car, truck or van, to or from Calgary, Alberta, MVS Canada can help you.

As an industry leader, MVS Canada can provide service by rail and truck to the majority of Canadian cities, including Calgary, Alberta.

We provide the following shipping options:

  • Door to Door (ie. Picked up and delivered directly to your residence)
  • Terminal to Terminal (ie. Dropped off and picked up at one of our terminals)

Shipping Modes:

  • Rail Transport – Your vehicle is transported inside a special rail car specifically used for vehicles. (Note: Rail Transport is not available to all areas)
  • Open Transport – Your vehicle is transported on a large vehicle transport carrier such as the ones that deliver new vehicles to dealerships.
  • Enclosed Transport – Your vehicle is transported inside a special car transport trailer.
  • Flatbed Transport – Your vehicle is transported on a smaller truck with a flatbed trailer or truck-bed. (Only recommended for short distances)
  • Tow Transport – Your vehicle is transported by a Tow Truck. (Only recommended for short distances)

Shipping Routes:

  • Canada
  • USA
  • USA to/from Canada

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