Calgary Car Shipping

Car Shipping to Calgary by train

New vehicles being unloaded from a train after being shipped to Calgary

Need to ship your car from Calgary?

We can help!

MVS Canada is Canada’s Highest Rated Car Shipping Company and one of Canada’s largest vehicle transport broker with over 30 years of experience in car shipping.

We provide shipping services from Calgary by enclosed rail, open truck and also enclosed truck.

In addition to Calgary we also provide service to the surrounding areas including Chestermere, Cochrane and Airdrie and other major cities and towns in Alberta.

Car shipping terminals in Calgary

We have multiple terminal locations in Calgary where your vehicle would be shipped to or from. The location can depend on the mode of transport and also the city your shipping to/from so it is best if you request a quote and then ask one of our representatives for more details.

For more information on the Calgary terminals and other terminals in Alberta please click the links below:

  • Calgary Car Shipping Terminals
  • Alberta Car Shipping Terminals
  • Click here for more cities and towns in Alberta.

    How do I ship my car to Calgary?

    We provide the following shipping options:

    • Door to Door (ie. Picked up and delivered directly to your residence) – Additional fees apply
    • Terminal to Terminal (ie. You drop off or vehicle and picked up at one of our terminals) – Our standard method of shipping

    Shipping Modes:

    • Rail Transport – Your vehicle is transported inside a special rail car specifically used for vehicles. (Note: Rail Transport is not available to all areas)
      Ship your vehicle by train to Calgary

      A car being inspected before unloading from the train.

    • Open Transport – Your vehicle is transported on a large vehicle transport carrier such as the ones that deliver new vehicles to dealerships.
      Ship your car by truck to Calgary

      An “open trailer” car hauler fully loaded with vehicles shipping to Calgary

    • Enclosed Transport – Your vehicle is transported inside a special car transport trailer.
      Enclosed Car Shipping to Calgary

      An antique vehicle being unloaded from the enclosed trailer.

    • More questions about shipping to Calgary?

      If you need more information on shipping a vehicle to Calgary, please contact MVS Canada, fill out a quote request or see the links below.

      Frequently Asked Questions

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